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Weihnachtsmarkt – 3 of the Best Winter Experiences

Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the best ways to enjoy your time on your trips in the winter season or in the end of November and until Christmas. Weihnachtsmarkt or the Christmas market is a popular tradition happening in many parts of Europe. There are written records of “December markets” which date back to centuries ago. Later on, some of these markets turned into what you see today as “Christmas markets”.

These markets are usually street markets set up in the town squares of major cities in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and more. Typically, you can enjoy a lot of Christmas food and drinks as well as buy Christmas goodies in these markets. In some places, the market is also known as Christkindlmarkt.

Some of the specialties which you might want to try in a Christmas market when it comes to drinks are Eggnog, Punsch and the Glühwein aka mulled wine to name a few. You can also try a lot of food in these markets. You can buy various articles made of wood, leather as well as artistic objects. You might also want to try varieties of cheese, honey or desserts sold in the markets. The list is endless.

We were lucky enough to get an opportunity to visit the Christmas markets in Germany and Austria.

Weihnachtsmarkt in Stuttgart, Germany

Weihnachtsmarkt in Vienna, Austria

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