You are currently viewing Chapter 3: Best Tools to Create a Language Learning Blog

Chapter 3: Best Tools to Create a Language Learning Blog

Today, we will be talking about the tools to create a language learning blog. If you missed out the previous two posts from this series, you can check them now here.

After you have your thoughts clear and know that you want to buy a domain name and a server space, this chapter comes in handy.

Before we jump in to the post, here is a genuine disclosure.

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Where to buy the domain name from?

You can simply buy the domain name from the hosting service which you opt for. Alternatively, you can buy it from Namecheap. Note that if you buy a domain name, also buy the privacy protection along with it. Without the privacy guard, your private details will be visible to the world with the linux “whois” command.

On Namecheap, you will just have to create an account, look for the domain name you have decided for, enter your address and make the payment.

Click on the banner below to search for your domain name and buy it.

Which hosting to opt for?

If you don’t want to buy the domain name from Namecheap or other services, you can directly buy it from the hosting service. There are several WordPress hosting services such as Bluehost, Hostgator, A2, GoDaddy and more.

Speed of your blog is one of the important factors when it comes to growing the number of visitors. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, no one is going to visit it again. So, choosing the right hosting service is essential.

After using a few from the above services, we have settled for SiteGround. During the SiteGround setup, you can select the server location depending on where your target audience will be. This is one of the factors which will give your site a good speed.

SiteGround Plans

According to this article by SiteGround, it uses the data centers in the Chicago, Iowa, London, Amsterdam, Eemshaven and Singapore locations. You can select one of them during the setup.

Setting up SiteGround is also very easy. You can select the plan that best suits your needs.

You can get more information about the plans on their site. Click on the banner below for more details on the same and to buy a suitable plan.

Web Hosting

Once you decide your plan and buy your hosting, you will have to install WordPress and set up your website on it.

Where can I get a theme suitable for a language learning blog?

After you have purchased your domain name, hosting, installed and set up WordPress, the next step is to make your language learning blog look good. You will have to select a good theme for it.

You can either hire a developer for making a customized theme or find one on the web. Although technical knowledge is not a requirement here, it will be beneficial if you know the basics of HTML.

If you decide to not shell out on a big amount by hiring a developer, you can buy the theme on sites like Envato and Theme Forest. You will definitely get a theme of your choice. Since we are looking at creating a language learning blog, you can select the blog category as Education or Blogging. This is just a tip to find a theme relevant to you. You can look for a theme in other categories too.

When you select a theme, make sure it is responsive. A responsive theme will open on devices of all sizes like desktop, mobiles or tabs. When your site is responsive, you will not have to rotate your screens to make the website fit on your mobile screen.

You can click on the banner below to look for a theme and buy it.

Let us know in the comments below once you set up your blog. The steps we have mentioned here are concise. If you want us to write a post on any of the above steps in detail, contact us or comment below. We are not ending this series here. The next chapter would cover some details on a few guidelines to write posts in a language learning blog, basics of Search Engine Optimization to rank your website on Google or Bing and more.

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