You are currently viewing Talk about Time in German – Huge Vocabulary List with 100+ Words

Talk about Time in German – Huge Vocabulary List with 100+ Words

In the previous lesson, we learnt how to tell the time in German. The focus of the article was more specific to the clock or times of the day. In this lesson, we will go through the German time vocabulary in detail. We will be describing how to talk about time in German.

With this time related German vocabulary list, you would be able to talk about any event that happened in the past or an event that could happen in the future. Not just that, you would be able to talk about anything to do with time in German!

German Time Vocabulary – How to Talk about Time in German

Study the time vocabulary below if you want to translate German time words to English or English time words to German!

German Nouns related to Time

English Time VocabularyGerman Time Vocabulary
yeardas Jahr, die Jahre
seasondie Jahreszeit, die Jahreszeiten
New Yeardas Neujahr, die Neujahre
monthder Monat, die Monate
dayder Tag, die Tage
beginningder Anfang, die Anfänge
endder Schluss, die Schlüsse
weekdayder Wochentag, die Wochentage
eveningder Abend, die Abende
evening (time after the work)der Feierabend
weekenddas Wochenende, die Wochenenden
working day / work dayder Werktag, die Werktage
timedie Zeit, die Zeiten
hourdie Stunde, die Stunden
minutedie Minute, die Minuten
seconddie Sekunde, die Sekunden
milliseconddie Millisekunde, die Millisekunden
time of the day / timedie Uhrzeit, die Uhrzeiten
clockdie Uhr, die Uhren
wristwatchdie Armbanduhr, die Armbanduhren
time of day/ daytimedie Tageszeit, die Tageszeiten
momentder Augenblick, die Augenblicke
datedas Datum, die Daten
a length of timedie Zeitdauer
quarter of an hourdie Viertelstunde, die Viertelstunden
half an hourdie halbe Stunde, die halben Stunden
calendarder Kalander, die Kalander
timetable / scheduleder Zeitplan, die Zeitpläne
daily routineder Tagesablauf, die Tagesabläufe
appointmentder Termin, die Termine
pastdie Vergangenheit
presentdie Gegenwart
futuredie Zukunft
everyday life / daily routineder Alltag
childhooddie Kindheit, die Kindheiten
lifetimedie Lebenszeit, die Lebenszeiten
waiting timedie Wartezeit, die Wartezeiten
shift die Schicht, die Schichten
full timedie Vollzeit
part timedie Teilzeit, die Teilzeiten
working timedie Arbeitszeit, die Arbeitszeiten
schooltimedie Schulzeit, die Schulzeiten
monsoon seasondie Regenzeit, die Regenzeiten
play timedie Spielzeit, die Spielzeiten
halftime (sports)die Halbzeit, die Halbzeiten
Ice Agedie Eiszeit, die Eiszeiten
Stone Agedie Steinzeit
Bronze Age die Bronzezeit
Iron Agedie Eisenzeit
sense of timedas Zeitgefühl
sunsetder Sonnenuntergang, die Sonnenuntergänge
sunriseder Sonnenaufgang, die Sonnenaufgänge

German Time Adjectives

English Time AdjectivesGerman Time Adjectives
annual / yearlyjährlich
once a monthmonatlich
belated (best wishes)nachträglich

German Adverbs of Time

English Time AdverbsGerman Time Adverbs
before noonvormittags
at middaymittags
at nightnachts
the day after tomorrowübermorgen
at the beginninganfangs
at that timedamals
the day after the day after tomorrowüberübermorgen
until nowbisher
in the meantimebis dahin
at firstzuerst
at the same timegleichzeitig
for daystagelang
from sunrise to sunsetvon Sonnenauf- bis Sonnenuntergang

German Prepositions of Time

English Time PrepositionsGerman Time Prepositions

Time Conjunctions in German

English Time PrepositionsGerman Time Prepositions
as long assolange
as soon assobald

Verbs Related to Time in German

English Time VerbsGerman Time Verbs
to last / enduredauern
to spendverbringen
to spend timedie Zeit verbringen
to miss something
eg. flight, bus etc.
to lose verlieren
to lose timeZeit verlieren
to wait warten
to arrive earlyvorzeitig ankommen
to be running latesich verspäten

Talk about Time in German – German Time Phrases or Example Sentences

Example sentences to talk about time in English Example sentences to talk about time in German
Wolfgang plays soccer every evening.Jeden Abend spielt Wolfgang Fußball.
He works from 9 a.m.Er arbeitet ab 9 Uhr.
Tobias works on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays from six in the morning until half past twelve.
Tobias arbeitet montags, mittwochs und
freitags von sechs Uhr morgens bis halb eins.
Can you help me in the morning?Kannst du mir am Vormittag helfen?
Anja had a party on the weekend.Am Wochenende hat Anja eine
Party gemacht.
I can only work for 3-4 days per week. Ich kann nur 3–4 Tage pro
Woche arbeiten.
Ralf studied English for two hours.Ralf hat zwei Stunden Englisch gelernt.
When I was 10 years old, I wanted to be an astronautAls ich 10 Jahre alt war, wollte ich Astronaut werden.
After 12 o’clock we are no longer reachable by phone.Ab 12 Uhr sind wir telefonisch nicht mehr zu erreichen.
I’ll call you back in about half an hour.Ich rufe dich in etwa einer halben Stunde zurück.

Just like the sentences we built, try to practice building 2 sentences related to time from the vocabulary above. Do let us know the sentences in the comments below!

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