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Chapter 2: Starting a Free Language Learning Blog

Starting a free language learning blog is easy. It can be set up in a few minutes even if you are a beginner.

This is the next chapter in the “How to start a language blog” series. If you missed the previous chapter on the points to consider when you start a language blog, check out Chapter 1.



If you have come here from chapter one, we assume that you know what you want to blog about as well as the name of your blog.

The next step is deciding the tool you want to use. You might want to choose from either blogger to create your Blogspot blog or the free


Setting up your Blogger blog is very simple. Simply click on “Create Your Blog” if you don’t have a gmail account. If you have one, sign in. Add the title for your blog, address and select a theme. The address would be the URL for your blog.

You can customize a theme and make it look the way you like. You can also find some free themes which you can apply on your blog on the web.



For WordPress, you simply have to click on “Start Your Website”. Add an email address, username and password to create an account. You can also login with an existing Google or Apple account.

Select the type of site you are building. For our language websites, you’ll have to select “Blog”. Select the topic as “Blogging” in the next step. Select the name for your blog. In about 6 steps, your blog will be set up.



Although Blogger and WordPress are the most common options when it comes to blogging for beginners, you can also try Wix. Similar to the other platforms, you can create a new Wix account or login using your existing Gmail account. Within a few minutes of a guided setup, your site will be up. You can also connect an existing domain which you purchased.

These are the most common and simple blogging platforms to choose from.

Deciding if you need more than a free blog.

If you are wondering where to begin, check out Chapter 1 of the language blog series. If you want to pursue blogging seriously and you know that this passion will not end soon, we recommend you to invest some money in a server space and a domain. It does not cost much but is definitely helpful.

In the free blogging platforms, you don’t completely own your site. You cannot monetize the free blog. You cannot run ads too. If your content is good and well optimized, you will start ranking soon. Once you start getting ranked on Search Engines like Google and Bing, you will start getting a lot of organic traffic. To convert your blog from this stage and transfer it to another platform will then be a hassle.

Hence, if you know you are serious about starting this language blog, we recommend you to already go for options which will help you in the long run.

Do you need technical knowledge to start a language learning blog?

If you are ready to take these extra steps but have no idea where to start, Chapter 3 is for you. In the next chapter, we will be guiding you through the the process of deciding the plans for your server space. We will tell you where to buy a domain name from. We will also give you options on the sites where you can buy a theme.

With all that being said, we would like to add that all these above steps are easy. You don’t need a developer to do these steps. Even if you have a very little or no technical knowledge, you will be able to set up your free language learning blog. Click here to go to Chapter 3.

If you are liking this series, keep coming back for more. Write the questions you have in the comments below so that we can help.

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