You are currently viewing Bonus Quiz- Practice German Numbers from 1-1000

Bonus Quiz- Practice German Numbers from 1-1000

Although we have introduced you to German numbers from 1 to 1 trillion, we are posting this article for you to practice German numbers from 1-1000. Take up the German numbers quiz below and test your knowledge!

Knowing large numbers is important, but it is more important to focus on German numbers from one to thousand, as these would be the most frequently used numbers in daily life. Be it talking about quantities or weights, distance or time, you would want to know, identify and read the smaller numbers quickly.

Practice German Numbers from 1-1000

To begin with, let us practice a few German numbers from one to thousand. Note that the English names may vary depending on regions or countries.

101one hundred and one ein­hundert­eins
144one hundred and forty-fourein­hundert­vier­und­vierzig
157 one hundred and fifty-seven ein­hundert­sieben­und­fünfzig
198 one hundred and ninety-eightein­hundert­acht­und­neunzig
212two hundred and twelvezwei­hundert­zwölf
222two hundred and twenty-twozwei­hundert­zwei­und­zwanzig
331three hundred and thirty-onedrei­hundert­ein­und­dreißig
367three hundred and sixty-sevendrei­hundert­sieben­und­sechzig
448four hundred and forty-eightvier­hundert­acht­und­vierzig
555five hundred and fifty-fivefünf­hundert­fünf­und­fünfzig
599five hundred and ninety-ninefünf­hundert­neun­und­neunzig
648six hundred and forty-fivesechs­hundert­acht­und­vierzig
650six hundred and fiftysechs­hundert­fünfzig
717seven hundred and seventeensieben­hundert­siebzehn
789seven hundred and eighty-ninesieben­hundert­neun­und­achtzig
811eight hundred and elevenacht­hundert­elf
838eight hundred and thirty-eightacht­hundert­acht­und­dreißig
919nine hundred and nineteenneun­hundert­neunzehn
955nine hundred and fifty-fiveneun­hundert­fünf­und­fünfzig
1000one thousandein­tausend
1326one thousand three hundred twenty-sixein­tausend­drei­hundert­sechs­und­zwanzig

German Numbers Test

Now that you have practiced the numbers up to 1000, can you guess how much is 1215 in German? Let us know in the comments below and we will tell you if you guessed it correctly!


German Numbers Quiz – 1 to 1000

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