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10 Popular German Food Dishes in Germany

Popular German food dishes are surely beyond the sausages and the sauerkraut we think of. A few items which you get in Germany are pretty similar to the ones in Austria. Whether you are visiting Germany for the sake of Oktoberfest or planning to see the beautiful castles and the nature in Germany, you are bound to try the food there.

Here are 10 Popular German Food Dishes to Try on your Next Trip to Germany


Schnitzel is a thinned and fried breaded meat. It is mostly prepared with beef or pork. It is also made with chicken or veal in a few places. It is said that schnitzel originated in Austria. It is now popular in various countries including Germany. Hence, it is here on our list. Schnitzel is usually served with a slice of lime. You can enjoy your schnitzel with a potato salad, which translates to Kartoffelsalat in the German language.

Popular German food dishes- Schnitzel- All About Deutsch


Currywurst is a dish which many of you’ll must have heard of. It is one of the popular German food dishes in the Oktoberfest beer festival. This dish is of German origin. Wurst translates to sausage. Pork sausages are steamed, fried and then topped with a ketchup like sauce. It is then topped with a curry spice powder. They usually serve just the Currywurst or with some popular German sides.

Popular German food- Currywurst- All About Deutsch


Kartoffelsalat literally means potato salad. It can be had on its own like a salad. It is also one of the most popular side dishes on a plate. It is made with boiled potatoes and a variety of seasonings. This one is the best bet if you are a vegetarian as most of the other dishes include meat. To all the vegetarians, potatoes would be your best friend if you travel to Germany.

Kartoffelsalat- German potato salad- All About Deutsch


They say that the word Bratwurst has been derived from the German verb braten. Braten means to roast or fry. Wurst as we already translated for you means sausage. The sausage is mostly made with beef or pork. As a side you are usually served mashed potatoes, Sauerkraut which is pickled cabbage or Kartoffelsalat.

Popular German food dishes- Bratwurst- All About Deutsch

Döner Kebab

Döner Kebab is also known as Doner Kebab or even Döner Kebap. This dish has a Turkish origin. It is popular in Germany, Austria and a few more places too. The kebab is made from roasted lamb. The lamb is stuffed in a pita or other kinds of bread, some veggies, seasoning and a sauce to go along. At the joints where they serve Döner Kebab, the vegetarians might want to try Falafel Wraps.

German food dishes- Doner Kebab- All About Deutsch


Brezel or a soft pretzel is a dish of German origin. It is a popular dish available on the streets as well as restaurants. Brezelns are baked products with a unique knot. It is usually salted on the outside. They are usually eaten on its own with various toppings, turned into sandwiches or served as sides.

Brezel- Pretzel- All About Deutsch


A Berliner is a traditional German pastry. It can be compared to a doughnut. The difference is that a Berliner does not have the central hole which the doughnut has. It is usually topped with powdered sugar or castor sugar. You might also come across variants filled with marmalade or jam. Berliners are for those who have a sweet tooth.


Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

This is one of the popular desserts in the world. If you want to read why this cake was given this name, check out our article 10 Popular Desserts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the reason. It is traditionally a four layered chocolate sponge cake with cherries and whipped cream between each layer. We know it as black forest cake.

Popular German dishes- Black forest pastry- All About Deutsch


Weiss translates to white. Now that you know the translation, Weisswurst means a white sausage. The sausage gets the white color as light colored meats such as veal are used to prepare this sausage. These sausages look whitish-grey when cooked. Make sure that you peel away the sausage casing when you eat the Weisswurst. It is usually served with dips like mustard.

Weisswurst- White Sausage- All About Deutsch


Käsespätzle is a popular dish in the Bavarian region of Germany. Käse translates to cheese. Spätzle is a Swabian pasta dish made with eggs. Spätzle originated in Hungary and Switzerland. Käsespätzle gained popularity as a dish in Germany. It is served even in beer gardens.


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Tempted by all the amazing dishes above and feel like cooking something? We found this really simple Schnitzel recipe by Daring Gourmet.

Have you tried German food? Tell us your favorite dishes! Haven’t tried the popular German food dishes yet? Let us know what you would like to try on your next trip in the comments below.

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