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12 Months of the Year and Seasons in German with Bonus Audio

In this lesson, we will be introducing you to the 12 months of the year and seasons in German. Learning this vocabulary will help you talk about months, seasons, vacations as well as the weather.

Learn all the months and what seasons are called in German along with some grammar associated with these words. Make sure to listen to the audio below the table to learn the pronunciations of the German words. Let’s get started!

Learn the Months of the Year in German

Although the plural forms for the months are seldom used, we have included them for your information.

Januaryder Januar, die Januare
Februaryder Februar, die Februare
Marchder März, die Märze
Aprilder April, die Aprile
Mayder Mai, die Maie
Juneder Juni, die Junis
July der Juli, die Julis
Augustder August, die Auguste
Septemberder September, die September
Octoberder Oktober, die Oktober
Novemberder November, die November
Decemberder Dezember, die Dezember

How to Pronounce the Months in German

der Januar
der Februar
der März
der April
der Mai
der Juni
der Juli
der August
der September
der Oktober
der November
der Dezember

Seasons in German

The German spring is from March to May. Summer runs from June to August. Autumn is from September to November. Winter is between December and February.

Springder Frühling, die Frühlinge
Summerder Sommer, die Sommer
Fall / Autumnder Herbst, die Herbste
Winterder Winter, die Winter
Monsoondie Regenzeit, die Regenzeiten

Download the image below for your reference and practice!

Seasons in German- All About Deutsch

German Vocabulary Related to Months and Seasons

seasondie Jahreszeit, die Jahreszeiten
in this time of the yearzu dieser Jahreszeit
rainy seasondie Regensaison
inim ( in + dem )
in Januaryim Januar
in Summerim Sommer
summer holidays die Sommerferien
at the beginning of JanuaryAnfang Januar
monthder Monat, die Monate
last monthletzter Monat
next monthnächster Monat
in the next monthim nächsten Monat
in the coming monthim kommenden Monat
month after the next monthder übernächste Monat
once a montheinmal pro Monat
next entire monthden ganzen nächsten Monat
a month off from work etc.ein Monat frei
a month long notice periodKündigungsfrist von einem Monat
within a three month periodinnerhalb von drei Monaten

Example Sentences for Months and Seasons in German

What day of the month is it today?Welcher Monatstag ist heute?
My favourite season is summer. Meine Lieblingsjahreszeit ist Sommer.
The Indian monsoon extends across the Indian subcontinent.Der indische Monsun erstreckt sich über den indischen Subkontinent.
Spring is approaching.Es wird Frühling.
It snows in December.Im Dezember schneit es.
There was a lot of snow last
Letzter Dezember gab es hoher
There are four seasons.Es gibt vier Jahreszeiten.
The wedding is in autumn.Die Hochzeit ist im Herbst.
Because of the Corona pandemic, the Easter holidays were extended.Wegen der Corona-Pandemie wurden die Osterferein verlängert.
How many months are in a year?Wie viele Monate hat ein Jahr? 

Months of the Year in German

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Now that you know all the essential vocabulary for days, months and seasons in German, click here to learn the days of the Week in German. With this, you will be able to communicate about things from your day to day life easily. Memorize the words to be able to form sentences quickly.

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