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Learn German with 10 Useful Resources

Have you ever tried to learn German with apps and websites? If you are a German language learner and have an access to a library, there is nothing more positive than this fact. Books as you know, always help in enriching the language learning experience.

However, if you want that audio experience apart from the visual one involved in books, apps and websites come in handy. Be it dictionaries, apps, websites for translation or the much popular and currently trending podcasts, we have it covered for you.

Here are 10 useful resources to learn German:

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. They promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. On their website, you can find a lot of resources to practice German free of charge. If you are also planning to give the German exams, you can find the exam related practice material on their website.

learn german - Goethe

Starting with the most popular one between students, is a dictionary which we totally rely on. They have an app as well as a website. The best part is that you can download an offline dictionary on the app.

One of their features, which not many learners know, is that they also have the words listed according to subjects, which according to us is a very helpful feature if you are giving the competitive German exams.

They also have an active forum where you can clear your doubts. With all these options, is one of our favorites.

learn german - dict cc


Linguee is another website which we find super useful. It is popular among beginners in translations. Linguee gives you the word meanings along with translation suggestions.

If you are thinking of having suggestions of saying something in a better way, you can get more than a few recommendations on

learn german - linguee

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle (DW) is present online, both in a website version as well as an app. Both are again very useful. We recommend the Deutsche Welle app if you have a bit of a prior German knowledge. The focus of DW is more on the German Language levels.

If you already have a good knowledge of the language, you can further enhance the German learning experience in the form of slowly spoken news on the DW website. DW also offers a placement test, with which you can decide the level at which you are.

If you like learning German with the help of videos or music, do check out their YouTube channel Deutsch lernen mit der DW.

learn german- DW - deutsche welle
Deutsche Welle

DE Radio – German Online Radios

If you want to enjoy German music without buying any subscriptions, go for the Radio options in Germany. In this way, you can enjoy the language learning process sitting anywhere across the world.

We tried a few apps, from which a few of them lagged when it came to the streaming part or had interruptions. The DE Radio was one of the best we tried. A couple of seconds for a station to load, from a huge station list they offer and you are good to go. Without further research, download this one!

Listening to the Radio also helps you get closer to the culture and listen to news in the real time, adding to the learning experience.

Pro Tip
Listening to the ads, traffic updates, weather reports, news or guest interviews on radios can be very helpful for the listening module.
Select the stations Radio Ton – Verkehr, Radio Ton – Wetter or Radio Ton – Nachrichten to prepare for the listening module of the German competitive exams.

learn german - DE Radio
DE Radio

Coffee Break German

Podcasts can be helpful for those who are interested in audio content. For people whose travel time in the daily schedules is more, podcasts like Coffee Break German can be beneficial.

The podcast is present on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and as RSS. They have a Season 1 for beginners and Season 2 for intermediate learners which covers various topics. Each lesson is of 20 minutes or more and you can learn a lot only with listening.

learn german - Coffee Break German
Coffee Break German

Learn German with Anja

If you want a personal touch to learning the language, YouTube would be your thing. Learn German with Anja is one of the most popular German language learning channels. With this channel, Anja has covered a vast amount of topics and we are sure you will find anything from the basics to intermediate levels on the channel.

learn german - Learn German with Anja
Learn German with Anja

Easy German

Easy German is another channel which is pretty useful. Cari and Janusz make videos on the streets, mostly in the form of quick interviews with the people passing by, to show how German is actually spoken. The aim of the channel is to make learning German easy for everyone. They also provide German as well as English subtitles. They have playlists for absolute beginners (A1-A2), advanced beginners (A2-B1), intermediate learners (B1-B2) and advanced learners (C1-C2).

learn german - Easy German
Easy German

Extra auf Deutsch

Extra is a series which was produced in English, French, Spanish and German. Search for the “Extra auf Deutsch” episodes with subtitles on YouTube and enjoy a language learning experience along with entertainment.

We recommend this to those who have completed level A2 or have a little more than basic knowledge of the language.

learn german - Extra auf Deutsch
Extra auf Deutsch

If you want to test your German language skills, visit this website and take up an exercise. Apart from the quizzes, the website also has vocabulary lists as well as some topics for reading, followed by multiple choice questions on the paragraph which you read.

The reading tab can be helpful for the “Lesen” module of the competitive exams. The topics are also divided level wise.

learn german - German Net

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