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Learn German Numbers up to 1 Trillion Quickly – Large Numbers in German

We had introducted you to basic German numbers in the previous lesson. So, hope you know how to count from 1 to 100 in German. Now, let’s take a look at some large numbers. In this lesson, you will learn German numbers up to 1 Trillion or 1,000,000,000,000.

In daily life, you don’t need to use large numbers frequently. Large numbers would come into picture if you read newspapers, where information about transactions in billions of Euros could be mentioned. If you need to read out large numbers while reading or calculating, we have you covered!

German Numbers from 1 to 1 Trillion

Please make sure that you read the English names and their German translations correctly, since the American names and European names of numbers are different. You might want to check out this post on the “Ibiblio” website if you are confused about the English names.

NumberNumber of ZerosGermanEnglish
100004zehntausendten thousand
1000005einhunderttausendone hundred thousand
10000006eine Millionone Million
100000007zehn Millionenten Million
1000000008einhundert Millionenone hundred Million
10000000009eine Milliardeone Billion
1000000000010zehn Milliardenten Billion
10000000000011einhundert Milliardenone hundred Billion
100000000000012eine Billionone Trillion

How to Pronounce Large German Numbers

eins, zehn, einhundert, eintausend, zehntausend, einhunderttausend, eine Million, zehn Millionen, einhundert Millionen, eine Milliarde, zehn Milliarden, einhundert Milliarden, eine Billion

Practice Using Large German Numbers

5555 fünftausendfünfhundertfünfundfünfzig
3000100drei Millionen einhundert
1000050eine Million fünfzig
40000000vierzig Millionen
500000000 fünfhundert Millionen
1000000200eine Milliarde zweihundert
20000000700zwanzig Milliarden siebenhundert
400000000000vierhundert Milliarden
8000000000000acht Billionen

Practice German Numbers with Audio

2000, 3001, 5555, 3000, 11001, 12895, 70000, 187372, 200000, 280065, 706210, 3000100, 1000050, 40000000, 500000000, 1000000200, 20000000700, 400000000000, 8000000000000

Now that you know how to read large numbers in German, take this quiz to practice what you learned and find out how well you know the German numbers.

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