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Top 3 Language Learning Software to Supplement Studies

Language learning software tends to be a hot-button issue depending on who you ask. For some, they’re considered outdated and less effective than their more personal (and physical counterparts). While this may be true if you’re depending on only one primary source of language education, most people should consider this software as a supplement to your physical courses rather than a substitute. After all, most conversational (and therefore practical) progress is made when receiving guidance from in-person tutors or study sessions.

Having said that, the research team from recently put together an in-depth guide on some of the best language learning software to help supplement your polyglot journey.

Here are 3 Language Learning Software to Supplement Studies

Pimsleur Method

One of the biggest names in the language learning industry. It’s available for purchase course-by-course or through a subscription model. Because Pimsleur is mostly an audio-based software course, it’s ideal for those who usually practice on the go – especially since its core lessons last an average of 30 minutes. It also hosts one of the largest language libraries to choose from in the entire industry, which makes it a great alternative for anyone looking for more rare or exotic languages.

Best: Audio-Based Language Learning Software

Rosetta Stone

Who hasn’t heard of these guys? Rosetta Stone is easily the most recognizable brand in the industry and is often touted as the gold standard among language learning software programs. This is thanks to a combination of its long history in the industry and the fantastic marketing efforts behind its products. Even so, there’s certainly enough bite to prove its bark – though true immersion and language learning software tend to be mutually exclusive, Rosetta Stone elegantly skirts that line thanks to its unique teaching methodology. The program is designed to teach users one of its 23 languages in a way that mimics true immersion techniques.

Best: Overall Full-Course Language Learning Software


Ah yes, another recognizable face in the language learning industry – remember their popular green owl? You’ve probably seen it more times than you’re aware of! Well, Duolingo actually sets itself apart from others in another (very significant) way: it’s free! Yes, it’s true – with more than 300 million users worldwide, Duolingo is known across the world for these two things: its iconic green owl “Duo”, and its free language learning courses.

There is a slight catch though; the courses are made by groups of contributors, instead of a single unified team of professionals. This means that course thoroughness and effectiveness may vary from one to the other but to be fair, there’s really nothing to lose by trying out the ones that interest you!

Best: Free Full-Course Language Learning Software

There’s never been a better time to get started on your polyglot journey. In this day and age, technology allows us to instantly connect and learn from each other, as well as discover parts of ourselves that even we weren’t aware of before. There’s certainly no shortage of tools to help get you there, and no matter which tool you choose, you are the only one capable of making sure you get the most of out it. Take your time to try each one to get a feel for it before you decide which journey you feel more comfortable embarking on.

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