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Important Computer Terms in German – Part 2

No matter why you are learning German language, you need to know some basic computer terms in German. Specially if you are planning to seek a job in a German-speaking country, it is helpful to know a few German words associated with technology and computers beforehand.

If you missed the previous chapter, click here to check out the Part 1 of this series. In the lesson below, you’ll learn about German technology vocabulary related to email and Microsoft Windows.

Here are some must-know Computer Terms in German

German Words Related to Email

Email addressdie E-Mail-Adresse, die E-Mail-Adressen
dot (.)der Punkt, die Punkte
‘at’ sign (@)die Affenklammer, die Affenklammern /
das At-Zeichen, die At-Zeichen
hyphen (-)der Bindestrich, die Bindestriche
Reply (RE:)die Antwort, die Antworten (AW:)
Attachmentder Anhang, die Anhänge
Address bookdas Adressbuch, die Adressbücher
Hyperlink / linkder Querverweis, die Querverweise /
der / das Link, die Links
Inbox der Posteingang, die Posteingänge
Unread mailsungelesene Mails
Draftder Entwurf, die Entwürfe
Outboxder Postausgang, die Postausgänge
Junk maildie Werbemail, die Werbemails
Spam folderder Spam-Ordner, die Spam-Ordner
Email chain letterder E-Mail-Kettenbrief, die E-Mail-Kettenbriefe
to check emaildie E-Mail abrufen
to deletelöschen
to downloadherunterladen
to forwardweiterleiten
to emailper E-Mail senden / schicken

German Pronunciation Practice

Listening to podcasts repeatedly is the easiest way to ace the pronunciations of German words. The two podcasts that are given below are downloadable.

Click ‘Play’ to learn the correct pronunciations of the above words.

German Words Related to Windows

Operating systemdas Betriebssystem, die Betriebssysteme
Filedie Datei, die Dateien
Folderder Ordner, die Ordner
Windows computerder Windows-Rechner, die Windows-Rechner
Windows keydie Windowstaste, die Windowstasten
Software applicationdie Software-Anwendung, die Software-Anwendungen
Start Menudas Startmenü, die Startmenüs
My Computerder Arbeitsplatz
My DocumentsEigene Dateien
My PicturesEigene Bilder
My MusicEigene Musik
Shared documentsGemeinsame Dateien
Recycle binder Papierkorb
Advanced settingserweiterte Einstellungen
Displaydie Anzeige
Brightnessdie Helligkeit
Night Modeder Nachtmodus
Control paneldie Systemsteuerung, die Systemsteuerungen
User accountdas Benutzerkonto, die Benutzerkonten
Quick accessder Schnellzugriff, die Schnellzugriffe
Compressed filekomprimierte Datei

German Podcast

Click ‘Play’ to learn the correct pronunciations of the above words.

Lerntipp – Save these 2 podcasts on your phones or laptops to keep practicing the pronunciations of all the above computer terms in German.

Microsoft Windows terminology- Computer terms in German

German Sentences to Talk About Technology

Are you wondering how to use all these computer terms in German sentences? Well, here are some example sentences for you! Can you think of more sentences related to technology? Please write your answers in the comments below.

I prefer a wireless mouse.Ich bevorzuge eine drahtlose/ kabellose Maus.
Follow the instructions on the screen.Befolgen Sie die Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm.
This file is password protected.Diese Datei ist passwortgeschützt.
Is there something wrong with the keyboard? It is reacting slowly.Stimmt etwas mit der Tastatur nicht? Sie reagiert langsam.
I created a new user account yesterday.Gestern habe ich ein neues Benutzerkonto angelegt.
The screen is too bright. Please reduce the brightness.Der Bildschirm ist zu hell. Reduziere bitte die Helligkeit.
I am forwarding the email to my boss.Ich leite die E-Mail an meinen Chef weiter.
You must add his name to the address book.Du musst seinen Namen zum Adressbuch hinzufügen.
Did you check the folder carefully?Haben Sie den Ordner sorgfältig überprüft?
This process might take several minutes.Dieser Vorgang kann einige Minuten dauern.

This was all about the essential and popular computer terms in German. Also check out our article “100+ Important Business German Words, Phrases and Sentences“.

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