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Chapter 1: How to Start a Language Blog

A language blog or a website is something which interests many people these days. Starting today, we are going to be posting a series on language blogging. If you are someone who knows a foreign language or if you want to teach someone any language and want to start a website for the same, keep reading. Before getting into the technicalities, think of the points below.



Ask yourself if you are actually passionate about starting a language blog

Ask yourself if you actually have a lot of things to say. Starting a blog but not having a lot to say doesn’t help. You should be passionate about the language to make posts for it. You should also be creative enough to create unique content. If you are not creative, you will actually end up replicating other sites which will be highly disappointing.

Starting a language blog as a hobby

Do you want to start your blog as a hobby or do you want to earn through your blog? If it is just a hobby, you can start a blog for free within minutes. If you want to earn from your language blog, the free websites for blogging will not work. You will have to invest both time and money to start earning. We will be covering both aspects in this series.

What would the contents of the blog be?

Would you be teaching the language? Would there be any course material present on the blog? What would the contents of the blog be? Will you be writing generic articles or articles related to grammar and vocabulary? Will you be having interactive posts on the blog?

Is your concept unique?

After you have the answers for the previous question, think about this one. Your concepts should be unique or else no one will read it. You will have to look for the thousands of readily available resources online to see if you are doing something different that works out for you.

Think about Social Media

After you know what kind to content you want, think about social media. On which social media platforms do you want your presence? How often would you be posting on social media? This point is important as you need to promote all the hard work you put into your blog. Social media is one way of promoting the blog.

Can you think of an interesting name for your blog?

After you have brainstormed about the concept and content of your blog, it will be easy for you to think of a nice name for your blog. Since thousands of people already have blogs and social media related to these topics, it can be really difficult to find a name although it sounds simple. Shortlist 5 names you can think of.

Use the available tools to see if the name is unique

If someone else is using the domain name you have thought of, you will not be able to use it. Check with the various available tools if the name is unique. There are tools where you can type the name you have thought of and get to know the platforms on which the name is already in use or free. Avoid names which are used on any of the platforms. This is where your 5 shortlisted names come in handy.

After thinking about the above aspects, if you know that you want to start a free blog as a hobby, click here to read the next chapter. We will tell you how to start a free language blog.

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