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Function Verbs in German (Funktionsverbgefüge)

German function verbs or Funktionsverbgefüge are used along with nouns and other optional elements like articles or prepositions to form meaningful expressions together with a noun.

The function verbs refer to a special verb phrase construction common in German and many other languages in which a common or simple verb combines with a prepositional phrase that has an action noun or function noun.
Example in English: to be in contact
Example in German: in Verbindung sein

Function Verbs in German-Funktionsverbgefuege

Funktionsverbgefüge List in German

Below is a list of some function verbs in German.

ein Thema anschneidento bring up a matter or subject
etw. (Akk.) zum Stehen bringento bring sth. to a standstill
jdn. zum Stehen bringento bring sb. to a halt
in Bewegung bringento stimulate or move
Freude bereitento spark joy
zu Ende bringento bring to a close
Einblick in etw. habento see into something
Vertrauen setzen in (Akk.)to put confidence in somebody or something
auf die Probe stellento put to the test
in Gang kommento get started
zu Stande kommento come about
etw. zum Anlass nehmen, etw. zu tunto use sth. as an opportunity to do sth.
Rücksicht nehmen auf (Akk.)to be considerate of sb.
unter Druck stehento be pressurized or be subject to pressure
in Erwägung ziehento anticipate
einen Beitrag zu etw. leistento make a contribution to sth.
an jdm./etw. Gefallen findento like/ appreciate / take pleasure in sb/sth
etw. (Akk.) zur Sprache bringento bring up something
eine Pflicht erfüllento fulfil a duty
Auskunft erteilento furnish particulars

Now that you have learned some function verbs along with the nouns and their meanings, try forming sentences with them. Please answer in the comments below!

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