Find a set of frequently asked questions about All About Deutsch as well as a few things you should know to use this site efficiently. Are you using the right browser? Do you know enough German to learn German online? What will the German I learn on this site be useful for? Lets jump in to the FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flashcards useful for beginners?

The flashcards are very useful for German language learners at the beginner levels as well as advanced levels. Words are provided in English for understanding, in the form of pictures for visualization, audio for pronunciation and colors for memorization. Singular as well as the plural forms of words are mentioned on the cards. A person of any level or age can make use of these cards.

What should I know to use the flashcards?

We have compiled a list of words with flashcards and their audio.

Click on the flashcards so that you can flip them and also play an audio by clicking on the speaker icon next to the words. By clicking on the audio, your pronunciation part is sorted. If you want to listen to all the words together, find an audio clip at the end of the flashcards.

If you have tried learning German, you must already be knowing the importance of learning the words with their articles. Our flashcards have articles mentioned along with the audio.

Why are words written in various colors like green, red and blue on flashcards?

The words have been color coded on most flashcards where appropriate such that, the masculine nouns are always in blue, feminine nouns are always in red and the neuter gender is always color coded as green. This helps you to remember the gender better, adding a visual aspect to it apart from the pictures.


Every noun has a gender in German language. Always learn the nouns with their genders and the plural form.


Masculine der
Feminine die
Neuter das

All nouns start with a capital letter, be it of any type. Learn the articles and tips about articles in our topic German Articles with 6 easy to remember Tables.

Can I download the audio given in the flashcards?

Yes. Long press on the audio / click on the three dots to download audio on mobile devices or tablets.

Right mouse click and “Save audio as” to download and save on your computer or laptop.

How many topics have been covered on flashcards?

Currently, the topics present on the blog for flashcards are flowers, in the apartment, professions, colors, hobbies, nature, body parts, weather, astronomy, vacation, classroom, clothing, furniture, food and drinks, transportation and restaurant. Click on any topic here to go to the post directly.

New topics are added every week. The topics currently range from level A1 to level B2 in terms of exams. Flashcards are created to memorize the commonly used words.

When I click on the flashcards, an audio starts downloading and I am unable to flip the flashcards.

This problem can rarely occur if your Google Chrome browser is not updated. Go the the Google Play store. Search for Google Chrome. Click on update if it is not updated. Download the browser if you don’t use it. That should solve the issue. If nothing else works, clear cache on your browser and try again.

Do I learn only Vocabulary on this site?

On this site you can learn not just Vocabulary but also Grammar, and also read various interesting Articles related to German speaking countries, right from popular food to interesting tourist destinations to various resources to learn German.

Have any more doubts or questions? Comment below and we will make sure to solve them as soon as possible!