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7 Days of the Week in German – Bonus Audio

Learning how to say the days of the week in German would be useful if you need to book a ticket or an appointment, or if you would like to arrange a meeting with someone. In this lesson, we will be introducing you to the 7 days of the week.

Learn the days of the week from Monday to Sunday along with some grammar associated with these words. Make sure to listen to the audio below the table to learn the pronunciations of these words. Let’s get started!

Learn the German Words for the Days of the Week

Note that we have also mentioned the plural forms of the days of the week, but they are seldom used.

English Days of the WeekGerman Days of the Week
Mondayder Montag, die Montage
Tuesdayder Dienstag, die Dienstage
Wednesdayder Mittwoch, die Mittwoche
Thursdayder Donnerstag, die Donnerstage
Fridayder Freitag, die Freitage
Saturdayder Samstag, die Samstage
Sundayder Sonntag, die Sonntage

How to Pronounce the Days of the Week in German

der Montag
der Dienstag
der Mittwoch
der Donnerstag
der Freitag
der Samstag
der Sonntag

German Vocabulary related to Days and Weeks

weekdie Woche, die Wochen
this weekdiese Woche
per weekpro Woche
once a weekeinmal pro Woche
once a weekeinmal wöchentlich
weekenddas Wochenende, die Wochenenden
long weekendverlängertes Wochenende
from Monday onwardsab Montag
onam (an + dem)
on Mondayam Montag
by Mondaybis Montag
to take a holidaysich freinehmen
to take a day off (sich) einen Tag freinehmen
to be offfrei haben

Example Sentences for Days of the Week in German

See you on Friday!Bis Freitag!
Tuesday is the most suitable day for me.Dienstag passt mir am besten.
Monday does not work.Montag geht nicht.
Shall we meet on Thursday?Treffen wir uns am Donnerstag?
Could I have Friday off?Könnte ich mir Freitag freinehmen?
Do we have Friday off?Haben wir am Freitag frei?
Saturday I cannot, but Sunday (will be possible).Samstag kann ich nicht, aber Sonntag.

Days of the Week in German

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Days of the week in German

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