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5 Popular Chocolates in Germany

Today, we will be talking about popular Chocolates in Germany. In our last article related to chocolates, we wrote about the “9 Popular Chocolates in Austria“. As we mentioned there, some of the chocolates which are popular in Austria are also popular in Germany, but in different variants.

Although there were many chocolates in Germany that we actually enjoyed having, we wanted to talk about the five chocolates which we saw almost everywhere in Germany.

Here are some popular chocolates in Germany


The first Rittersport chocolates were made back in 1912 in Stuttgart. Rittersport makes a variety of chocolates including Dark Almond and Orange, Marzipan, Alpine Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Yogurt, Peppermint and many more.

Crispy, fruity or creamy, they have something for all. The best part is you can also visit Rittersport exhibition. They also organize workshops for kids.


The name Milka is a combination of Milch (milk) and Kakao (cocoa). Milka always had the purple packaging ever since their first chocolate slab made in 1901. Apart from the regular varieties like Oreo, Brownie and Choco biscuits, Milka is also known for the seasonal and festive chocolates it makes.


Haribo was founded by confectioner Hans Riegel in the year 1920. The name Haribo was derived from “HAns RIegel BOnn”. Haribo now has its production units across 10 countries over the world. It is popular for fruit gummies and liquorice. Some of their varieties include Gummi Bears, Pico Bella, Happy Cherries, Happy Cola, Tropifrutti and more.


Although Kinder is a popular chocolate in Germany, the story of Kinder began in the year 1968 in Italy. Eventually, it turned out to be a favorite chocolate of many and grew internationally. Some of the popular variants of Kinder include Kinder Überraschung, Kinder Riegel, Kinder Schoko-Bons and Kinder Joy.


The journey of Schogetten started back in the year 1962. Today you can find many different variants of Schogetten in the stores. Edel-Alpenvollmilch, Black & White, Caramel Brownie, Nougat, Joghurt Erdbeer are some of the popular flavors to name a few. They also make some seasonal and limited edition chocolates.

This was all about the five popular chocolates in Germany. If you want to know more about other chocolates in Germany, do let us know in the comments. If you want us to write about specific brands, mention the names in the comments as well.

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