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9 Popular Chocolates in Austria

There are many Austrian chocolates that we love! Some popular chocolates in Austria can also be commonly purchased in Germany. Although some of the chocolates mentioned below are popular in Austria, they have not originated there.

Some of them are from the surrounding countries, but now have their production plants in Austria. Only a few variants or flavors are different in these brands as compared to those in Germany or other countries. We tried a lot of chocolates in Austria and realized that most of the chocolates, be it by a bigger or smaller brand, are totally worth having.

Here are some Popular Chocolates in Austria


This brand produces one of the most popular chocolates in Austria. If you visit Austria, you will most likely see the Salzburger Mozartkugel by Mirabell in almost any store there. Mozartkugel was first made in the year 1890. The chocolates are made in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. These chocolates are a round layered confectionery. The innermost layer is marzipan followed by praline and chocolate layers. Mozartkugel is also one of the popular souvenirs from Austria.

Some other popular chocolates by the brand are Salzburger Mozarttafel which is in a form of milk chocolate tablets and the mini Mozartkugel which is the mini version of the original Mozartkugel.


Josef Manner & Comp AG is a company based in Vienna. They also have a branch site in Wolkersdorf in Lower Austria. One of the most popular items they sell are wafers. The Original Neapolitan Wafers is their classic best seller. The original recipe of these wafers was invented back in 1898.

Original Neapolitan Wafers is a layered confectionery with 5 alternate layers of tender wafers and four alternate layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream. Apart from their classic wafers, the other products they offer are Chocolate Cream Wafers, Vanilla Cream Wafers, Tartlets, Ladyfingers, Plum Rounds and many more. Manner has a few partner brands like Casali, Napoli, Ildefonso and Victor Schmidt.


The roots of Ildefonso date back to the year 1880 when master confectioner Victor Schmidt created a seven-layered nougat cube. The nougat turned out to be a favorite amongst chocolate lovers. Ildefonso produces the classic Austrian Nougat confectionery. Some of their products are Ildefonso Bonbonniere, Ildefonso Eggs, Ildefonso Nougat Confection and Ildefonso Nougat Cubes.


Casali as a brand actually dates back to 1792. It was originally a spirits and liquor brand but later taken over a couple of times. It saw various owners who added confectionery to their product list. Casali-Napoli was bought by Manner in 1970. Schoko-bananen or Chocolate Banana is their popular product. It has a fruit foam center of bananas and a chocolate cover.

Although the Schoko-bananen are a popular confectionery by the brand, we honestly did not enjoy the combination of chocolate and bananas. Nonetheless, we decided to include it in the list since this chocolate is popular in Austria. Other products by the brand are Chocolate Banana Wild-berry, Casali Coconuts, Casali Mini Mints, Chocolate Banana Monkeys, Rum Kokos and more.


Heidi Chocolates from Austria - All About Deutsch

Heidi Chocolat AG Niemetz Schwedenbomben makes some of the best chocolates we can think of. We loved their Heidi Winter chocolates in variants of Praline and Amaretto. Other products by Heidi are Heidi Moments in Hazelnut, Cherry and Florentine flavors.

They also have boxes of their assorted chocolates, bouquet and signature chocolates in their product list. Some of the best chocolates you can get back from Austria are these!


Zotter is another popular chocolate brand of Austria. The list of chocolate products by Zotter is vast. Some of their products include praline bars, nougat, cracker chocolates, lollytops, choco shots and a lot more.

An exciting part about Zotter is that you can take their chocolate tour. Zotter Schokolade GmbH is located in the Riegersburg province of Styria. Along with the chocolate tour, you also get an access to their tasting session. You can check out more details about the tour on the website of Zotter here. If you are travelling anywhere near Styria in Austria, you might want to include the Chocolate Tour at Zotter in your itinerary.

Ritter Sport

Although the brand is based out of Germany, you will find Ritter Sport in many Austrian stores. To name a few, the popular flavors we came across were Ritter Sport Halbbitter (Ritter Sport Half bitter), Erdbeer Joghurt (Ritter Sport Strawberry & yoghurt), Nugat (Ritter Sport Nougat), Ritter Sport Marzipan, Ritter Sport Peppermint and Ritter Sport Alpenmilch (Ritter Sport Alpine milk).


Milka is a German brand of chocolate confection which originated in Switzerland in 1901 and has been manufactured internationally by the US confectionery company Mondelēz International (formerly known as Kraft Foods) since 1990.


Milka is another famous brand of chocolates in Austria. Some of the popular chocolates by Milka which we came across were Milka Milketten Haselnuss (Milka Milketten hazelnut), Milka Almond Caramel, Milka Peanut Caramel, Milka Raisins Nuts and many more including bags of Milka assortments.


Haribo Gummi Bears Austria - All

Haribo, the German confectionery brand, is another favorite which is found in many stores. The best product to try from Haribo is Gummibärchen or Gummi Bears.

Apart from these brands, some of the other chocolates in Austria which seemed popular were Lindt, Leschanz and Suchard. If you think we missed out on trying something we should have, comment below and let us know.

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