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Helpful A1 Level German Letter Writing Vocabulary

In this post, we will be sharing A1 Level German letter writing vocabulary. This vocabulary will be helpful for the Schreiben module in the A1 level exam. We have also shared some common and important letter writing topics for the German A1 exam.

Before you start off with the practice for A1 level German letters, it is important to build the vocabulary for it. We have provided some words and phrases below which are related to the common A1 German letter writing topics.

Common Topics for A1 German Exam

-Visiting a friend or relative.
-Taking a language course in Germany.
-Writing a letter to your teacher as you will not be able to attend your class.
-Asking for help from a friend to buy a gift or shop for someone.
-Invitation to a party.
-Writing to a travel agency regarding a vacation.
-Declining a party invitation.
-Congratulating a friend on their wedding.

A1 Level German Letter Writing Vocabulary

Invitation and Celebration Vocabulary in German

ice creamdas Eis
invitationdie Einladung, die Einladungen
birthday partydie Geburtstagsparty, die Geburtstagspartys
weddingdie Hochzeit, die Hochzeiten
wedding anniversarydas Hochzeitsjubiläum, die Hochzeitsjubiläen
festivaldas Festival, die Festivals
barbequedie Grillparty, die Grillpartys
to bring alongmitbringen
onam (an + dem)
on Mondayam Montag
at 5 o’clockum 5 Uhr
Congratulations on your wedding!Herzliche Hochzeitsglückwünsche!
to bring a giftein Geschenk bringen
beerdas Bier
a1 level german letter

German Vacation Vocabulary

vacation / fixed free daysFerien
summer vacationSommerferien
leaveder Urlaub, die Urlaube
tourist attractiondie Sehenswürdigkeit, die Sehenswürdigkeiten
museumdas Museum, die Museen
seadas Meer, die Meere
lakeder See, die Seen
inim (in + dem)
in Summerim Sommer
in Januaryim Januar
onam (an + dem)
on 21st Septemberam 21. September
nearneben (+ Dative)
near the stationneben dem Bahnhof
to stay overnightübernachten

Vocabulary for Reasons and Excuses in German

I am sorry.Es tut mir leid.
It will not be possible.Es wird nicht möglich sein.
It is not possible.Es ist nicht möglich.
be too latezu spät kommen
I am afraid I cannot come.Ich kann leider nicht kommen.
to decline an invitation eine Einladung ablehnen

German Vocabulary Related to Illness

to go to the doctorzum Arzt gehen
feverdas Fieber
to have temperatureFieber haben
I am sick.Ich bin krank.
I have headache.Ich habe Kopfschmerzen.
to have a colderkältet sein / Erkältung haben
I am sorry I cannot come.Leider kann ich nicht kommen.

German Shopping Vocabulary

to go shoppingeinkaufen gehen
to do the shoppingdie Einkäufe machen
shopping listdie Einkaufsliste, die Einkaufslisten
store / shopdas Geschäft, die Geschäfte
to visitbesuchen
to buy clothesKleidung kaufen

Make Appointments or Reschedule Appointments in German

appointmentder Termin, die Termine
cancellation of an appointmentdie Terminabsage
to make an appointmenteinen Termin vereinbaren
rescheduling of an appointmentdie Terminverlegung
Do you have a free appointment slot?Haben Sie einen Termin frei?
Can we make an appointment for
Monday, August 23?
Können wir einen Termin für Montag,
den 23. August vereinbaren?
Unfortunately, that’s too early for me.Das ist mir leider zu früh.
That is unfortunately too late for me.Das ist mir leider zu spät.

Now that you have the useful vocabulary list, practice writing a letter with A1 level German letter writing topics as you would find in your exams. We have also explained the marking system in this lesson.

You can also check out the practice material for Start Deutsch 1 A1 Level German Exam here.

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