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10 Popular Beers in Austria

Beers in Austria are as amazing as the ones in Germany. Just like Germany, Austria too has a beer culture which dates back very long in history. In this article, you will come across a few German words. We have their translations sorted for you below.

Beer Dictionary for Beers in Austria

pilsnerdas Pils
wheat beerdas Hefeweizen
dark beerdunkles Bier 
light beerhelles Bier
small glass of beerkleines Bier
large glass of beergroßes Glas Bier
lager beerdas Lagerbier
march beerMärzen
brewerder Brauer
brewerydie Bierbrauerei
shandydas Radler
beer candie Bierdose
beer cratedie Bierkasten
bottled beer Flaschenbier
unfiltered beerKellerbier

Here are 10 Popular Beers in Austria:


Gösser is a product by the Göss brewery in the central Austrian region of Loebel. The story of the brewing here dates back to as long as year 1000, in which a Monastery with a farmland on both sides was founded at the banks of the river Mur. At that time, beer was brewed by nuns. When the monastery was dissolved, the beer brewing activities took a halt. From 1495 until 1782, the area was a cultural and economic center.

The tradition of brewing beer in the monastery buildings was revived in 1860, when the brewer and entrepreneur Max Kober acquired parts of the monastery and reactivated the monastery brewery. This important year for Gösser is still on the labels today.

If you are someone who loves to immerse yourself intensively in the history of best beers in Austria and the development of brewing culture, you must visit the Gösser Braumuseum.

The most popular beers by Göss brewery today are Märzen, NaturGold, Kracherl Zitrone, Kracherl Holunder, Gold, NaturRadler Zitrone, Stifts-Zwickl dunkel, Bock, Stiftsbräu and more. Some of the beers listed above also have alcohol free variants.

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The foundation of the Ottakringer brewery dates back to 1837. Master miller Heinrich Plank from Rannersdorf purchased the Klosterneuburg monastery in order to establish a brewery. Ottakringer is a Viennese brewery.

At the Ottakringer brewery, they also offer beer tastings, brewery tours, sommelier trainings and events.

Some of the popular beers by Ottakringer are Ottakringer Helles, Ottakringer Wiener Original which is a Vienna Style lager, Ottakringer Citrus Radler and Gold Fassl Zwickel Rot Kellerbier which is a German style dark unfiltered beer. They also have an alcohol free beer Null Komma Josef to offer.



The brewery dates back to 1492 according to written records. The brewery is based out of Salzburg and is one of the popular breweries in Austria today. “Stiegl” means steps and the name of the brewery was derived because of their step entrance.

Stiegl also offers a brewery shop and a museum which you can check out if you find yourself in Salzburg.

Some of the best beers in Austria by Stiegl brewery are Stiegl Goldbräu, Stiegl Pils, Stiegl Weizengold Hefeweizen, Stiegl Weizengold Dunkel and Original Stieglbock.



At the Zipf brewery, they first started brewing beer in 1858. The name of the brewery is simply derived from the location Zipf. They brew their beer with natural hops in a pure form which gives the beer its unique taste.

The popular Zipfer beers are Hell Alkoholfrei which is their light alcohol free beer, Drei, Märzen, Pils, Doppelgold, Josefibock, Masterwerke Pale Ale and Kellerbier.



Edelweiss is brewed by Hofbräu Kaltenhausen and originated in the Hallein region near Salzburg. The brewery dates back to year 1475. The name Edelweiss is derived from a flower.

Edelweiss Weissbier is a wheat beer which is enjoyed by the Austrians as well as the tourists visiting the regions around Salzburg.



Although the private brewery was rebuilt in 1978, the roots of the Egger brewery lie in the 17th century where it was first mentioned in written records. The brewery is located in St. Pölten region of lower Austria. They also have brewery tours to offer, but in German language. Check out our Vocabulary section to know more about commonly used German words.

Popular beers by the Egger brewery are Egger Märzenbier which is a mild hoppy beer, Egger Zisch alcohol-free unfiltered beer, Egger Zitronenradler naturtrüb which is a fruity citrus beer, Egger Grapefruitradler which is like a grapefruit shandy.

Wieselburger Bier

This is another brewery which dates back to the 17th century. The brewery is based out of the Wieselburg town of Lower Austria. Like a few other breweries, they too offer a guided tour at the brewery.

Popular beers by them are Wieselburger Stammbräu, Wieselburger Gold, Wieselburger Spezial and Wieselburger Schwarzbier.



Schleppe Brauerei was founded in 1607. The brewery is based out of Klagenfurt in Austria.

Popular beers by the brewery are Doppel Malz, Pils, Märzen Bier and Herkules Bock.



Murauer is located in the Murau town of Styria. The brewery has its roots in 1495 and has been brewing with continuous improvements ever since.

Popular beers by the brand are Murauer Doppelmalz, Murauer Pils, Murauer Märzen, Mohren Pfiffkus, Murauer Hopfengold, Murauer Weißbier, Murauer Zwickl and Murauer Bock. They also have alcohol free products to offer.



Puntigamer beer is brewed by the brewery “Brauhaus Puntigam” in Graz. They offer a brewery tour too.

Their popular beers are Puntigamer, Puntigamer Panther and Puntigamer Winterbier.


These are the popular beers in Austria and you should definitely try some of them on your next trip.

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