Zungenbrecher – 10 Fun German Tongue Twisters

Zungenbrecher – 10 Fun German Tongue Twisters

Zungenbrecher is the German word for a tongue twister. You must have heard of a few English tongue twisters such as “Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said the butter’s bitter, so she bought a bit of butter to make the bitter butter better” or any other version of this one.

If “Zungenbrecher” as a word itself is a tongue twister for you, the following tongue twisters will be absolutely fun to say out loud. Want to know why? Keep Scrolling.

Below are 10 Fun German Tongue Twisters (Zungenbrecher) to blow your mind away!




Fischers Fritz-Zungenbrecher

Schnecken erschrecken-German-Tongue-Twister




Wenn Fliegen Hinter-German Zungenbrecher

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